A most excellent retrospective on Miuccia Prada, whose ads showcase powerful women going somewhere. [Rookie] The top 8 beauty trends men hate are the top 8 beauty trends of 2014. One of them is sneakers. [Youtube] Sequined sneakers were all the rage at couture shows Chanel and Christian Dior. [NYMag] Jimi Hendrix is the ultimate master at pattern-blending. [Messy Nessy] Women in Afghanistan during the pre-Taliban era had really good style. [Dangerous Minds] Save the shampoo: a lady goes without washing her hair for three years and becomes blonde. [The Hairpin] Impressive man Peter Freuchen has been making the rounds on the internet in an impressive fur coat. [Kottke] Lauren Marsella at ECO + FASHION Philadelphia comments on consumerist tendencies by cutting up credit cards into American flag earrings [34th Street]  Instagram has made us all liars. [The Bold Italic] Fashion has a race problem, and “Street Style” is just one big problem. [Business of Fashion] Meanwhile, in style icons, blonde Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova decides to pose barefoot on a chair shaped like a bound black woman while, in Manhattan, vintage reigns supreme. [Jezebel, The Cut]

What to Wear While…









What to Wear While…Watching (or Reading) “Ghost World”

"Ghost World," a graphic novel created by Daniel Clowes in the late nineties, was adapted into a film in 2001, starring Thora Birch as Enid, the protagonist. Enid’s playful retro styling, her trademark black bob and glasses, accompanied by her constant cynical elucidations, turned her image into an instantly recognizable character and cult figure. Enid is an inspiring sartorial icon- her fluidity, weaving in and out of a range of styles (seventies punk, fifties retro, mod, maritime and novelty wear) is directly reflective of her stabs at carving out an identity and course for herself as she transitions out of the aimlessness of teen hood in suburbia. She dyes her hair green after her best friend tells her they should pretend to be yuppies when looking for an apartment to give landlords the impression of being responsible, considers getting a full, matching 1930s wardrobe, but thinks she’ll look like an asshole when she goes to the mall or Taco Bell. By the end, she disappears from town without trace, taking just a small suitcase and leaving all her stuff behind- a heartening reminder that clothes are just clothes, but playing dress up is pretty fun. 

Dress with a sense humor: vintage novelty print tees and ringer shirts, graphic prints (animal especially!), mod shift dresses, plaid skirts, and sailor and school girl outfits. 


1. Angora Plaid Skirt by Max Mara, $29

2. Peach 60s Mod Dress, $50

3. 70s Face Print Collar Shirt, $38

4. Zebra Print Mini Skirt, $50

5. Cowboy Boot Tank, $22

6. Band of Outsiders Dress, $85


Brittney Panda, Refashioned

We spent a day with the inspirational instagram star Brittney in Red Hook, playing dress up from our ReFashioner closets, and got the lowdown on her favorite places, pieces and ideal place to escape:

1. Dream place to travel for photographic purposes?
So hard! I think India would be incredible. That or Prague. The architecture in both places in incredible.
2. Favorite place to shop vintage?
3. What is your favorite spot to hang out in NJ?
I have a secret abandoned mansion that I love hiding in. I also spend a lot of time in the woods.
4.  Favorite spot to hang out in NY?
5. Favorite piece from the shoot the other day?
6. If you could be anywhere, shooting with anyone / thing, what would your ideal set up be?

I would be alone in the middle of nowhere with an old car filled with vintage clothes.

Shop everything she’s modeling on Refashioner here.

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New to ReFashioner? Here’s a bit about us

Refashioner is a curated shopping community. We rehome the good stuff

It’s not just about selling our old things. It’s about our whole life with clothes & relationship with style. This is a marketplace for the great under-worn pieces in the backs of all closets. We want to give them a good send-off, to pass them on with love: To literally re-value them. We believe in buying quality, looking after it, then sending it back out there. We say: don’t shop less: shop better! And, oh yeah…

We want to change how we consume. To revalue what’s in our closets

THE ALL-NEW REFASHIONER RELAUNCH:  Coming to your computer screen in the immediate future.  (photo by Alex Crawford)

Tonight at Book Court, catch the founder of ReFashoner Kate Sekules read from her stunning memoir The Boxer’s Heart.  A writer and pioneer of the heavily male-dominated boxing world, Kate is now a leading lady in the start-up fashion and tech scene.  Stylish, kick-ass and ready to change the way we consume fashion (à la collaborative consumption) - could we <3 her more?

Had an incredible photo shoot yesterday with the amazing photographer Alex Crawford (who does photos for The Style Blogger and Michael Andrews Bespoke) and brilliant group of designers, bloggers, editors and ReFashioners. 

Check out our Facebook for more teaser, behind the scenes photos and keep an eye out for our upcoming launch! xx

Modern Day Pin-Up Girls: How Social Media Can Impact the Fashion Industry

Our insatiable appetite for content combined with high fashion’s social media engagement has undoubtedly driven the explosion of Pinterest. High-fashion shoots are tweeted, now use Instagram, and everyone is pinning their own images at an astounding rate.

But what’s interesting is that the leaders, the most-followed ‘pinners’ aren’t the makers in the fashion industry such as Nina Garcia (who has just shy for 400k followers), but ‘normal’ ladies such as moms (Jane Wang, okay, granted she is the mother of the co-founder of Pinterest, over 2 million followers), to a girl who really likes her dog, and a graphic designer from Long Beach (Christine Martinez and Jennifer Chong, respectively, each just shy of 1 million followers).

Every person armed with a camera phone nowadays adds to the endless stream of content: game change!  Trends now form from bottom-up, not top-down.  Pinterest is the modern version of those collages teenage girls used to literally pin-up over the mirrors in their bedrooms.  The difference now, is that their pins are shaping the narrative and the landscape of the fashion world.

I want to meet the baby of Pinterest & Change.org, another social media site that has amassed an enormous user-base (10 million, and still growing quickly) that draws on the power of the masses. A fourteen year old girl from Maine, Julia Bluhm started a campaign demanding Seventeen magazine to print images of real girls, and in addition to having gathered close to fifty thousand signatures in a span of a few weeks, she has become a media sensation. That is a pretty admirable feat for an eighth grade - and imagine what could be done if the effective impact of images were harnessed by Change.org.

Pin-up girls used to be the sole visual ambassadors of what a women should look like; but now every girl and woman can be a modern day pin-up girl. One that isn’t silent, nor static, but participant, creator, and activist. All without having to have a size zero waist.

All-tweed ensembles + all black ensembles with a splash of rainbow complement each other well.  And garner lots of compliments.  Just another day in the office here.

Betsey Johnson declares bankruptcy today.  Luckily we’ve got an eclectic collection from her collections over the years on ReFashioner.  Cartwheel over there to check it out.

We had fun at the #Uncubed event today, and started playing with the crowd-source start up Cut your Bias.  No samples, no waste. Here’s our bias for the current designer Heike Jarick.  Weeeee.

Spring. SoHo. Style. We sent off intern Kietrie to shoot the pretty folk on the infamous cobblestone streets, and then she waxed poetic on her subjects:

"Blond girl in leather shorts: This lovely young woman caught my eye because of her inspired pairing of drawstring leather shorts with a tucked-in blue button down. It is depressing to imagine the months ahead filled with nothing more than cotton sundresses—even the adorable can become monotonous.  Leather shorts are a must for spring warm/cold weather basics.

Dapper Man on Bicycle: A mediterranean-inspired ensemble—complete with the navy espadrilles, rolled blue jeans, fedora and white, lightweight scarf.  This look may not fly in midtown but down here he looked as natural as if he had just stepped out of his whitewashed villa in San Tropez.

Brunette with sunglasses: Large sunglasses like the ones pictured above look wonderful on those with a narrow face and petite frame. This young woman was an absolute vision of understated cool in her glamorous shades and fully buttoned up blue shirt with shrunken collar.”

Can you tell she has a menswear obsession?  Two blue button-down oxfords + one man worthy of the Sartorialist, bike included.

Grey day?  Spark it up with some neon yellow.  ReFashioner Founder Kate struts her style in a J+ jacket, ALC sweater, incredible pants by Y’s (by Yohji Yamamoto) pants, and a Mad-Men era vintage pin.