I’ve been doing this to my toes since I was 16 (a WHILE ago) & was always afraid the day would come when the drugstore shelves were heaving with glitter. And OK it’s happened; glittering your nails has gone normal. But, upping the ante, here’s my secret recipe for CHROMING your nails…

Chrome Nail Polish how-to 


1. Get the cheapest old drugstore clear polish.

2. Order large flake glitter from a car detailing supplier —MUST be large flake! As you see it comes in convenient squeejie bottles.

3.  Decant some of the polish to make room, and pouff that glitter in. 

4. Shake. Et voila. 

5. You might want to switch the cheap brush for a big plush brush from a swanky polish at the end of its life. 

You’re welcome. 

Happy Mayday!