Lily Cole’s Wild Rubber jewelery collection for Sky Rainforest Rescue launched on StylistPick today, and the assortment of simply designed rubber & metal necklaces and earrings has already entirely sold out!

Inspired by a visit to Brazil where Cole witnessed wild rubber tapping as a potential vehicle for a green economy without having to cut down the forest, Cole commented:

"This jewellery collection is just one example of how wild rubber can be used. However, if in the future the value of wild rubber can exceed what can be made from products that cause deforestation, then there is the real potential for a sustainable green economy,"

100% of the proceeds from the sales are going back to the Rainforest Rescue, though since the collection is limited-edition, a difference has yet to be made. Bringing awareness was the main goal - and it is encouraging to see a collection with so much meaning behind it sell out so quickly.
We’ll be waiting to see what’s next on deck.