ReFashioner Manifesto #3 Fashion is Emotional

Clothes aren’t cloaking devices. They reveal as much as they cover up, and they always make us feel things….

What things?
You tell us!

Send your ReFashioned pieces into the world equipped with one—or several—of our new emotion tags. Will that jacket armor you for Thanksgiving with the in-laws? Or hide the post-turkey food baby? Or both?  Is your frock excellent dating equipment? Are you posting the killer app for first-day-in-office jitters?

Now you can go into your closet and tag each of your pieces, note their own special powers and indicate the perfect situation for its debut.
Or, if you need the perfect outfit for dumping bad boyfriend, or acquiring new girlfriend, you can use the new tags to search. (Find them on the left, between ‘material’ and ‘color’)

Don’t see the perfect tag for you?  Sign up for ReFashioner, follow us on Twitter, and Tweet it to us @ReFashioner #EmotionTag. 
We’ll give the best ones $50 to spend on the site. You have till Halloween!  


The ReFashioner Team